Segling 2018
onsdag 29 augusti 2018 - Skrivet av Leif
Finally, after 3 years, Swedish waters again
Smögen, a jewel on the "West coast" of Sweden

Today is the last “big” (not so big, considering)  jump to Sweden straight across Skagerak.  At 0600 hours sharp the engine is fired up and we are off.  It is a grey but dry day, no wind, and we make way inside the island along “blindleje”.  We pass a gigantic oil contraption marked “Petrobras” (so also Brazilians are drilling up here).

Once out at large we set course 90 degrees.  At this time, and perfectly according to forecasts, there is a southerly breeze, about 10 knots, that sweeps us along at 6-7, occasionally 8, knots.  We have a wonderful sailing day.  The wind is absolutely stable, the sea is conspicuously calm, and we just glide along. 

Our heading proves to be true and we make land contact at Hållö, well known landmark at the Swedish coast.  At 1900 hours we are moored in alongside in Smögen harbour, wonderful Smögen, a jewel in the archipelago.  The place has grown considerably since “last time”, especially on the outside, in Kleva, a whole new village has popped up, perched on sheer red granite.

We celebrate appropriately our return to home waters, with champagne in the cockpit, followed by take-away sushi in the blue saloon.

Log 14877, motoring 3 hours.

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