Segling 2018 - juni 2018
onsdag 27 juni 2018 - Skrivet av Leif
New season, new adventures
Fully painted and honed, ready for the dip.

A new season and new adventures to go for.  We are planning to take the boat home and, hence, complete the sail “around the pond”, the pond being the northern Atlantic.

At Shining Waters things seem to be OK. The boat has withstood winter without major problems and much better than skipper, in night-mares, anticipated during cold mid winter days (nights)!. 

The bottom has been painted by skipper today, the side boards have been polished and waxed by the marina, in fact they needed a fork lift to reach the uppermost parts.  The marina also changes the hoses in the heating system.  A number of radiators are connected to the engine and to the burner by “all lot of hoses” that run in every impossible hidden inside if the boat.  It is a heck of a job and skipper is grateful that he only has to pay for it (?). When up running, however, this system will provide excellent conditions in the cold waters up north.

 So tomorrow we go into the water (!!), always a great occasion.  The crew is arriving incrementally.  Ken, brother-in-law, arrives day after tomorrow, Bengt E, anestesiologist/sailor from Stockholm, in another week and finally Ulla, Ingemar, and Marion arrive next week end.  The crew will be complete, six people in all, and we will set out for an island-hop of sorts: Greenland, Iceland, Faeroes and the Shetlands before we reach Norway in, hopefully, mid-August.


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