måndag 9 november 2015 - Skrivet av Raymond Johansson
Plans for 2016

This summer I will take on Paying Crew from June to August. If you are interested in sailing with me in the Ionian please contact me at raymond@dbi.nu 

I will keep the boat in Cleopatra Marina in Preveza. You can fly into Corfu with Norwegian or a charter flight direct to Preveza. One can also fly to Athens and then take the bus to Preveza. There can be 4 guests each week. The fee is 250 Euro per week and then we share other expenses. I usually do not spend any time in marinas so costs are very low.


torsdag 9 juli 2015 - Skrivet av Raymond Johansson
Preveza - Corfu - Albania

This summer we did a trip to Sarande in Albania. We checked out of Greece in Corfu and arrived in the Ferry terminal in Sarande a few hours later. It was easy to find the harbor and a harbormaster greeted us and took care of all the paperwork.

We enjoyed our stay and will probably go back next season again.

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