Chris and Lisa
Skrivet av Christian
Lisa sailing from Tinos to Mykonos 2011

I have retired but continued with some part time working. I’m a GP, General Practitioner, and I love my job but would love it even more if there wasn't  so much to do. But I think I will stop working when Chris retires in 2014.

I have sailed with Chris and the kids but I’m not quite as keen, I love my country cottage and want to see more of my grandchildren. We will see how it goes with the “long-time sailing”. Chris has a hard task ahead convincing me but he did manage to persuade me to go with him to the Middle East for the 1 year UN- mission and I have never regretted that……

Chris and Lisa
Skrivet av Christian
Chris on Tinos in September 2011 after a week of sunny and very windy sailing. Happy to relax during a day of sightseeing

Ex infantry officer, working since 1995 with Information Security in the private industry and hope to retire ahead of schedule (2015). Born 1950.

We didn’t have boats in the family when I grew up but despite or due to that I was sent to sailing camps at Fejan and Malma Kvarn in my teens. Thanks M&D for that!

It then took 8 years before I sailed again and then as skipper on a Karlskrona Viggen during 2 weeks. We were 4 classmates from the Military collage Karlberg. The trip was a very “wet” experience in many ways.

Lisa and I have been renting 28 feet boats in Stockholm’s archipelago since the end of the eighties but always in strong competion with spending our time at the summer cottage or playing golf. The longest trip we made was from Bullandö in the Stockholm’s archipelago down south along the coast to Västervik during 3 weeks.

Owning a bigger boat has been a dream for many years and I have always said that sailing is the only thing that can make me give up golf – temporarily.

I also dream since a few years back of “long-time sailing” in the Med as an extra spice to life “after work” and that is why we invested in Freja in 2009.

Many describe long-time sailing and circumnavigation as constant boat repaires in exotic environments. I need to learn a lot more about boat maintenance before we dare to break the agreement with Navigare-Yachting and sail of on our own.

Follow our blogg and see how it goes.