Freja our boat
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Freja our boat
Freja and the owners 2010


Freja is a Bavaria 40, 2009 model year but delivered early 2010. She is for the time being part of Navigare-Yachting’s fleet of bareboats (charter) in Lavrion, Greece.

The Bavaria boats are not the most beautiful or sail the best but there is lots of space on board and you get a lot of boat for your money.

We believe you must have a relaxed view or dissociate oneself from your boat when it’s in the Charter business or you will suffer too much when you see the wear and tear she is suffering from - even though Navigare-Yachting is keeping her in good shape.  We don’t know if we will sell her or keep her when the contract period runs out. Maybe we will be too old by then to have a boat of this size in the Med and will change to a smaller boat in our home waters in the Stockholm archipelago?

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