Segling 2018
tisdag 28 augusti 2018 - Skrivet av Leif
Finally into Kristiansand
22 meter bridge from the other day. Exactly what Aquaryd draws...(?!)

Today, weather comes back with a vengeance.  Yesterday’s softness is today a vicious wind from the east and RAIN.  Tons of it.  We huddle down having breakfast below – in the “blue saloon”, as it were.  Then we muster up some courage, decide that this place is a bore and dress up for party – dancing in the waves.  We can sneak inside, below a chain of islands and only at some short spots are we subject to the full forces of the North Sea in a gale.  So we dance at some spots, otherwise we carry on, the rain wipping our faces.  In calm passages, though, sandwiches and stuff appears from below

Approaching Kristiansand, we pass deep into the archipelago, where we pass the nicest spots with vacation houses perched on rocky shores, always with a “boat facility” en suite; these places are only reached by boat.

We moor up in Kristiansand at 1600 hours, pretty much at the same spot where we were three years ago.  Outgoing and ingoing paths now cross and we have made a full circle around “the pond” (the North Atlantic Ocean).  We celebrate with a full dinner on board.

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