Segling 2018
tisdag 28 augusti 2018 - Skrivet av Leif
To Arendal, Norway
Lovely Arendal central harbour

It is a soft day with a slow start.  No wind at all and th sun comes out shortly.  Max, this early morning, obtains his driver’s licence for th dinghy.  He is a fast learner and soon he roams about the place at max (forgive the pun) speed.  We also make some additions to some personal equipment; rain gear and stuff.  At noon we depart for Arendal, about 40 nm. up the coast. 

A bit passed Kristiansand start the so called “blindleje”, an inside and protected route that runs far upwards Oslo.  Unfortunately, the Norwegians have decided to build bridges and power cables across the water allowing only 19 meters underneath, so we have to make detours at some places.  Otherwise the route is extremely charming.   At 1700 hours we enter the fjord leading into Arendal and we are flabbergasted by this idyllic place.  There are houses and constructions everywhere around the fjord.  Every hill, every valley, every geological undulation is packed, north, west, east and south.

We are late in the season and the vast sailing facilities provide good mooring.  We choose a guest facility somewhat to the west although, as we later realize, the central harbour close to the church would have been even better, more charmning.  Here, around the central harbour, is a ring of restaurants (in Google we learn that there are 47 of them in the town).  While Max roams this new place in the dinghy we make arrangements with restaurant Castelle, where we have dinner.

Log 14795, motoring 6 hours


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