Segling 2018
torsdag 30 augusti 2018 - Skrivet av Leif
A half-a-day in Smögen
Crew along Smögen "board-walk", spectacular wooden walkway where boats moor (but where is Claus?)

There is a tiny drizzle in the air.  No real rain but still very annoying. We make it a slow morning, buy some groceries, have a loom in some “summer’s clothes stores”, Smögen is full of them and, at this time of the year, they throw thing at you. 

At 12-noon we realize that the rain will last so we set off for Marstrand, the other iconic west coast pearl.  We make a tour through “it all”, we see all the places that skipper, and also Claus, have roamed since young age. It is a hearty welcome-back after three years in ”bigger waters”

It takes us 5 hours to reach Marstrand, which also is almost empty.  Few boats at the end of the season but a bit more life on land; Marstrand is a bit of an all-year-round conference centre. Max is now a fully self-dependent dinghy driver.  He launches the dinghy from the davits by himself. Gets the petrol tank and gets going all by himself.  Takes Mommy for  ride, very proud.

Dinner from Sushi take-away.  While dumping the garbage Disa suddenly finds herself with a big sack of freshly cooked “sea-crayfish”  from a neighbouring boat(!), dinner for tomorrow.

Log                Motor 5 hours

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